Electronic discovery

The Firm


We are a law firm primarily specializing in dispute resolution. We have represented clients ranging from startup companies to multinational corporations in more than 125 cases before various judicial forums in 2017.  



Being a dispute resolution law firm, our team of lawyers is well versed with understanding the importance of documents with respect to expert depositions, fact witnesses, privilege and confidentiality concerns. 

The Team


Electronic Discovery Practice Group  assists trial counsel firms and corporations in providing them with lawyers/attorneys experienced in carrying out legal document review.  

How does it work ?

  • We work with your team to understand the requirements as per the task at hand.
  • Capstone assembles a team of lawyers/attorneys. The team is housed in one of the secure review facilities.
  • Substantive Review and Privilege Review Manuals are discussed with the team. 
  • Document Review Process begins with periodic quality control measures. 

Practice Highlights

Capstone E-Discovery (pdf)